About Us

We connect student freelancers to companies.
It's that simple.

TheNightMrkt is a platform for youths who possess any specialized skillsets (e.g. translation, graphic design, coding, data analytics, or anything really) to apply their talents they have honed over the years. We match technical skills possessed by students, to the needs of corporate companies; helping them to build their portfolio and earn a deserving income, whilst providing companies easy access to this pool of talent.


How It Works

  • Companies submit their request and selection criteria.
  • TheNightMrkt gathers portfolios of youths that meet criteria & submits them to the company.
  • Company picks their preferred youth.
  • TheNightMrkt facilitates service agreement negotiations and document preparation between both parties.

Why TheNightMrkt?


  • Be judged and remunerated based on the quality your work and experience, not just your qualifications.
  • Justify to companies why you command the fees that you should deserve
  • Protect yourself with clear and explicit service agreement prepared on your behalf
  • Build your portfolio
  • Gain corporate exposure
  • Start building your network and experience early


  • Wide range of skillsets available in young talent with varying degree of proficiency to meet your needs
  • Relatively lower rates than most industrial/freelance providers
  • Be a company that provide students with opportunities to learn and grow
  • Minimise the hassle of reviewing freelancers as we will provide you the portfolios of youths who meet your stated criteria

TheNightMrkt will only charge for successful matches between youths and companies

We aim to build an ecosystem that aids smooth transition of students into the workforce whilst maximizing the potential of the environment by bridging the gap between talented youths, and businesses.

Amongst our existing pool of students include nominees for the Singapore Youth Film Awards 2018 (film production and videography), experienced graphic designers who have worked with various corporations, translators for various languages, copywriters, accountants, data analytics specialists, coders web designers and many more skills. We are consistently expanding our network to include more skills at various levels (and thus price points) to provide the best candidate for each of our clients.

A night market is a place full of surprises where you’ll never know what you find; yet you can rest assured that you can probably find something that you need or interests you there. We invite you to delve into our NightMrkt to see our young & hardworking ‘vendors’ as they build their own dreams and passions.